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  1. A matter of life & death- recovery in East Ayrshire

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    Prior to learning of the Alliance funding decision, we arranged with Someone Else’s Addiction (family support project) of jointly hosting a community event on 16th August 2019 in light of the continued trend of tragic deaths through drugs, alcohol and suicide within East Ayrshire. 

    This was an opportunity in bringing a range of key stakeholders together, as requiring collective efforts in order to address and identify solutions to reducing these shocking statistics; whilst offering support, hope and purpose to individuals and families directly impacted. These are not just numbers, these are family members, friends and our residents.  These devastating events are having a truly significant toll on many people.

    The aim of the event was considering what works, what’s not working, and what can be done to reduce the risk, increase recovery opportunities and inclusive support; whilst recognising the stigma, inequalities and discrimination preventing individuals and families accessing support. It was heartening to hear regular reference of the need for a recovery café in East Ayrshire, recognising the positive impact within the two other Ayrshire localities.  

    The 110 people attending the event heard heartbreaking stories of families living in extreme poverty and the impact of bereavement on families, and the injustice families faced. It was evident our services and supports are not always meeting the needs of people within our community. 

    Through a range of presentations and table discussions there was valuable feedback gathered, which has been compiled within a report with plans of sharing within a range of strategic groups and elected members to consider approaches inclusive of all community members and aligning resources to reducing risk, increasing support and enhancing opportunities. 

    Our key message from the event is providing a meaningful turning point and catalyst for change; moving forward together in a more collaborative and compassionate manner, which our organisation ethos, vision and proposed recovery café model contributing to new ways of working. 

    Next Steps

    We are planning a follow up community event in order to share feedback gathered and demonstrate voices have been heard, and we all care enough to make a difference, which will hopefully begin to shape new approaches through agreeing clear actions with regular reflection and accountability; driven from those community members most affected.  


  2. Recovery Enterprises Scotland- Our journey so far……

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    We registered in January 2019, as an innovative community interest company with a social conscience, aiming to work with communities tackling social issues such as poverty, isolation, and equitable access to support. 

    The company directors having experience of developing and delivering a range of co-produced recovery projects; reaching a number of individuals not known to services. This learning being the driver in establishing the company in taking a more independent approach in delivering models enhancing people’s quality of life and tackling inequalities.

    Projects, such as a recovery café, delivered by volunteers in recovery from alcohol and other drug problems, having made a significant impact to the communities within South and North Ayrshire; as a vehicle for ‘giving back’ and supporting their community. This being achieved by providing a supportive and informal community hub, access to low-cost high-quality food, and enhancing community engagement particularly with marginalised groups; reducing isolation, challenging stigma and discrimination.

    Our vision is providing support, offering volunteering and employment opportunities to those furthest from the labour market with multiple barriers. By demonstrating change is possible this offers hope and motivation to many others where they too can positively turn their lives around.

    We have a strong desire in forging partnerships with funders and service providers sharing the same values and ethos; supporting us in making the vision a reality. We know what is required and achievable through dedicated and passionate people wishing to drive change for our most disadvantaged groups and making a positive impact on the wider community.