About Us


Recovery Enterprises Scotland

Registered in January 2019, Recovery Enterprises Scotland is a new and innovative organisation with a social conscience. At Recovery Enterprises Scotland we aim to work with communities to tackle social issues such as poverty, isolation, and equitable access to support.

Recovery Enterprises Scotland has been established as a community interest company; with a team of three directors, one of which work within the organisation and other two providing their service in an advisory capacity. The three directors having over 60 years of experience working within the social care field; supporting the most stigmatised and marginalised groups of people being treated in a respectful manner, advocating for equality, where people are afforded the same opportunities.

The directors have been integral to developing and delivering a range of co-produced recovery projects. The added value has been exceptional, reaching a number of individuals not known services. This learning has been the driver in establishing the company in taking a more independent approach in delivering models enhancing people’s quality of life; as we feel it’s a strong foundation to build upon effective approaches to date and drive the shift towards prevention and tackling inequalities.


Recovery Enterprises Scotland vision is for the support needs of individuals, family & friends & members of the local community looking to engage in, support & sustain recovery from multiple barriers. This will be achieved through providing resources, pathways & opportunities conducive to recovery within East Ayrshire. By demonstrating change is possible this offers hope & motivation to many others where they too can positively turn their lives around.



To improve the quality of lives of people & families seeking recovery from alcohol, drugs, offending, homelessness & mental health issues; this being achieved through the following activities within community settings, sharing the same ethos & value base:

  • Running a social café focussing on the community, providing affordable meals & catering;
  • Providing volunteering opportunities; access to skills development training allowing people to upskill; moving into employment & further education;
  • Providing access to peer support;
  • Offering a space encouraging community engagement by service providers responding to local needs;
  • All citizens engaging within the community & accessible support.


Café Delivery

As part of delivering Foundations Café this is only possible by involving a number of volunteers who are continually learning new skills & ‘on the job’ training. We are very grateful for your understanding, appreciation, respect and support, & on occasion, patience; as part of our collective developments in achieving a truly supportive environment for all involved. Thank you.