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Alcohol and Drug Strategy

A report on the use and impact of the Quality Principles through validated self-assessment

There is widespread recognition that problematic alcohol and drug use in Scotland blights lives. Its consequences are felt far beyond the individual. Alcohol and drug addiction costs us all dearly, not only through costs associated with ill-health and crime but also in the misery and pain caused to families and communities, sometimes for generations, and the squandering of potential. Problem alcohol and drug use stops people from being the very best that they can be and leading healthy, fulfilling lives. We recognise that many of those most affected have experienced adversity, loss and trauma in their lives. If they are to recover, they need skilled, consistent and responsive intervention which recognises and tackles the complex issues underpinning addiction. Services need to be available at the right time, in the right way and for as long as needed.

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Source: Care Inspectorate

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